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Going for It on Fourth and Long

This is a picture of my favorite quarterback of all time, Joe Montana, who had an uncanny knack of doing the impossible on the football field.

My current column, (with a different title online), begins:

Questions regarding God’s justice will be with us always—at least until the kingdom comes. A current example: Since Love Wins brought it up, we are pondering the fate of those who have never heard of Jesus. The New Testament clearly teaches that we can appropriate the forgiveness wrought for us on the cross only by trusting in Christ. But of course, those who haven’t heard of Christ cannot do that. So how will God judge them?

In my book, God Wins, I argue that when it comes to such questions—questions the Bible does not answer—our only recourse is to trust in the God who has shown himself to be perfectly merciful and perfectly just in Jesus Christ. We are called to trust that this God will do what is just, right, and good.

This answer has seemed too easy to some. One reviewer of my book referred to this type of answer as “punting”—by which he inferred that it was an easy way out of theological dilemma.

In one sense, the criticism is just, because in the book I did not signal what an extraordinary thing such faith is. I may have given the impression that this sort of faith is an easy out, a comforting escape, a way to avoid tension and ambiguity. It is anything but that.

You can read the rest at Christianity Today.

  • Adam curry says:

    In response to page 201 God wins the bible doexplain what God made the material world out of itis in begining of genisus it says evevy thing was formed by the will of God in the spirit useing the word to set limittations there are many verse that say the wiord is what holds everything together or to to put it plainly determine its bondries. The bible also say hoe God became man it says the word of God put limits on himself(lowered himself) and became man thru birth. God with self imposed limets is still God .God limets himself all the if he did not rightneous would require imideate judgement and punishment. With out grrace no life on earth could live

    September 1, 2011 at 10:30 pm

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