Some of the (to me) more interesting recent ones:

Interview: Emma Green, The Atlantic: “How Trump Lost An Evangelical Stalwart.” 12/19/2019

Radio interview: Steve Inskeep, NPR: “‘Christianity Today’ Editor-In-Chief On Calling For Trump’s Removal” 12.20.2019

Profile: Mary Schmich, Chicago Tribune: “The editor of Carol Stream-based Christianity Today wrote an editorial saying Trump should be removed from office: ‘It was the right thing to do’ ” 12.20.2019

Interview: Isaac Chotiner, The New Yorker: “Why the Editor of Christianity Today Decided to Rebuke Trump” 12.21.2019

TV interview: Margaret Brennan, Face the Nation: Video and transcript. 12.22.2019

TV interview: Phil Ponce, Chicago Tonight, WTTW (PBS affliate): “The Evangelical Christian Argument for Removing Trump from Office” [longest TV interview: 11:45!] 12.22.2019

Interview: Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, New York Times: Christianity Today Editor Laments ‘Ethical Naïveté’ of Trump Backers” 01.02.2020

Radio interview / call in: Megna Chakrabarti, On Point, WBUR (Boston NPR affiliate): “Retired Christianity Today Editor Talks Backlash Over Editorial Advocating For Trump’s Removal” Richard Land of the Christian Post was also on. 01.06.2020

Podcast: Two Writers Slinging Yang, with Jeff Pearlmon. 01.06.20